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Below is our selected list of papers. Click on the link available for each and every paper to view a complete PDF input / output of the particular paper.

Value Engineering Post-Tensioned Transfer Plate

This document presents the complete costing exercise of transfer floors for high-rise buildings of mixed use on two high-rise projects and compares in detail the economies of designing them in conventional reinforced concrete (RC) and dual-cast post-tensioned concrete (PT). The PT cost savings are presented in the Executive Summary with savings in excess of 50% of the original RC cost.

Foundation Design Equations Summary

Paper summarising foundation design equations.

Concepts of Basement Construction Methods

Concepts of deep and shallow basement construction methods.

Concepts of Linearised Buckling and Column Loading Analysis

Paper describing the concepts of linearised buckling and column loading analysis in RC and steel to the British Codes.

Human Footfall Induced Vibrations

Human footfall induced vibration of floors.

Earthquake Engineering Analysis and Design

Earthquake engineering analysis and design to EC8.

Post-Tensioned Member (Bonded Tendons) Permissible Stress BS8110 (TR.43), ACI318, AS3600, EC2 (TR.43-2)

Paper summarising the post-tensioned member (bonded tendons) permissible stresses to BS8110 (TR.43), ACI318, AS3600 and EC2 (TR.43-2).

Prestressed Concrete SLS and ULS External and Equivalent Load Concepts

Paper on the concepts of prestressed concrete SLS and ULS external and equivalent loads.

Vibration Fatigue Analysis in MSC.NASTRAN

Paper on vibration fatigue analysis.


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