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Steel Composite

The composite steel floor construction with integrated services represents a highly established, fast, light, structurally efficient and economic floor construction method. The structural efficiency and hence economy is derived from the fact that the deep steel section (as the services are integrated within the structure) offer high structural capacity and stiffness when working compositely with a thin concrete deck. For e.g. a 100kg/m steel beam acting compositely with a standard 125mm concrete deck would offer a capacity roughly 1.6 times and a stiffness roughly 2.7 times that which would have been offered by the steel beam working non-compositely.

The efficiency of the composite steel floor construction is further enhanced with the employment of castellated / cellular steel beams where not only is the material savings obtained from the removal of steel within the webs but also due to the fact that the method of fabrication allows for the use of Universal Beams to form the top half of the section (where steel is not required in abundance as the section is in compression) and Universal Columns to form the bottom half of the section (where steel is indeed required in abundance as the section is in tension).

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