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Bandar Jelutong, Penang Island, Malaysia

A 157m-high 975,000sqft condominium development consisting of a 43-storey and a 24-storey condominium inclusive of 8 levels of elevated car parking with an 1800mm thick post-tensioned (PT) concrete transfer floor. The building superstructure consists of RC flat slabs and RC shear walls within the residential units offering a superior architectural product without any structural protrusions whatsoever. These shear walls are subsequently founded upon a structurally efficient 1800mm thick dual-cast PT transfer plate which separates the residential floors from the elevated car park floors beneath, transferring both the vertical and lateral load functional framing systems.

Client: Gema Intan Sdn Bhd

Consultancy Scope: Full Structural Engineering

Project Cost: RM150mil.

Project Status: Completed in 2018

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Structural Data Sheet [Block MC]

Building height = 156.8 m

Building DL and SDL, G = 985 MN

Building LL, Q = 155 MN

Building base shear, V = 14.1 MN

Building base moment, M = 1,130 MNm

Building concrete volume #1 = 29,594 m3

Building equi. floor thickness #1 = 0.446 m3/m2

Building steel reinforcement #1 = 3,519 tonnes

Building steel tonnage #1 = 119 kg/m3 | 53.0 kg/m2

Building PT tendons (transfer floor only) = 61 tonnes

Building formwork = 163,883 m2

Building formwork average = 2.5 m2/m2

Structural Data Sheet [Block LMC]

Building height = 84.6 m

Building DL and SDL, G = 291 MN

Building LL, Q = 64 MN

Building base shear, V = 4.8 MN

Building base moment, M = 210 MNm

Building concrete volume #1 = 8,580 m3

Building equi. floor thickness #1 = 0.357 m3/m2

Building steel reinforcement #1 = 1,174 tonnes

Building steel tonnage #1 = 137 kg/m3 | 48.8 kg/m2

Building formwork = 50,578 m2

Building formwork average = 2.1 m2/m2

#1 Note inclusive of pile caps

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