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Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

A 10-storey 870,000sqft reinforced concrete building consisting of 2 levels of basement car parking, 3 levels of retail at ground, first and second floors and 7 levels of office suites from the third to the ninth floors. The building superstructure was redesigned to be founded upon an existing foundation system that had been constructed about 15 years ago. The change of architectural use required the utilisation of 12 to 18m span continuous curved transfer beams which in turn were founded upon tied raked mega columns. The superstructure design was further complicated by the fact that the building had a unique oval shaped plan without any repetition in the structural spans requiring the advanced use of BIM software tools to model and accurately deliver the project.

Client: Setara Hati Sdn Bhd

Consultancy Scope: Full Structural and Civil Engineering

Project Cost: RM100mil.

Project Status: Completed in 2014

Structural Data Sheet

Building height = 59.0 m

Building dead and superimposed dead load, G = 1,022 MN

Building live load, Q = 341 MN

Building base shear, V = 4.5 MN

Building base moment, M = 100 MNm

Building concrete volume (excluding pile caps) = 35,676 m3

Building equivalent floor thickness (excluding pile caps) = 0.441 m3/m2

Building steel reinforcement (excluding pile caps) = 4,115 tonnes

Building steel reinforcement tonnage (excluding pile caps) = 115 kg/m3 | 50.9 kg/m2

Building formwork = 165,831 m2

Building formwork average = 2.1 m2/m2

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