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Bukit Bintang City Centre Lucentia, Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Bintang City Centre Lucentia, Kuala Lumpur



Maverick United Consulting Engineers is a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Perth, Australia based independent engineering consultancy providing specialist structural, infrastructural and value engineering consultancy services for the built environment.

Over the years, from conceptual design to detailed construction drawings to construction supervision, we have delivered and completed structural and infrastructural solutions for projects up to a value of USD200mil. Maverick United provides elegant structural solutions for buildings through globally-connected world-leading engineering professionals.

From our bases in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Perth, Australia we have been delivering structural, infrastructural and value engineering designs for building projects located in Malaysia, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. We have also provided designs for projects in Australia, the UAE and the greater South East Asia.

Maverick‘s structural engineers are expert in the structural design and construction of all types of structures, from the individual buildings to mega developments to super high-rise towers. Our success in this field is underpinned by our ability to deliver efficient and economic structures. Tall slender structures have specific engineering demands and are subject to the forces of nature such as wind and earthquake forces. Other considerations include the actual physical site constraints, materials constraints, building functionality requirements, buildability, vertical transportation and M&E requirements. We work and interact closely with clients, architects, engineers and contractors using building information modelling (BIM) to achieve the collective vision for a project, delivering effective structural solutions.



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May 22, 2022

A unique feature between the 63-storey and the 50-storey condominium block of the BBCC Lucentia project is a dual-level steel bridge that forms part of the shared facility zone of the two buildings at the 50th level. This level features a common roof top infinity swimming pool extending across the bridge between the two towers. The shared facility levels are also interconnected with a 2.5 times full revolution spiral staircase unsupported except at its ends.

The design of the steel bridge across the two towers necessitated intricate wind and earthquake lateral building deflection analytical study to ensure that the towers responded independently to these lateral forces whilst allowing vertical, longitudinal and transverse free movement at one end of the bridge. Pot bearing movement joints capable of accommodating these large relative deflections were detailed at this location.

Interconnecting the two levels of the steel bridge between the two towers is a 25-odd tonne steel spiral staircase supported only at its ends, thus experiencing significant axial, shear, bending and torsional effects.

Intricate 2D static stress analysis, connection stress analysis, linearised buckling analysis, modal analysis, human footfall induced vibration analysis were conducted to ensure that the spiral staircase would be structurally sound, stable and could perform satisfactorily. On-site deflection and vibration measurements were conducted at various stages of the erection to validate the assumptions of the analytical parameters such as the stiffness and damping of the staircase and benchmark its acceleration response.

On this project we provided full structural and civil engineering consultancy services for BBCC Development Sdn Bhd.

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Ir Sreejit Raghu

MEng (Imperial) ACGI MIStructE CEng (UK) PEng MIEM IntPE (UK)

20 years of structural engineering experience in the UK (Arup, Ramboll Whitbybird, Lendlease) and Malaysia specializing in super high-rise building construction, value engineering, earthquake engineering, vibration engineering, staged construction engineering and the design of structures in composite steel, reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete and engineered timber.

A structural theoretician, Sreejit has overseen the successful delivery of a variety of high-rise building projects with a Total Construction Cost ranging from RM100mil. to RM700mil. as the Principal Project Director whilst saving clients up to RM80mil. on various Value Engineered projects.

For business inquiries call me on +60 - (0)12 566 8011 or drop me a line at


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