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Ampar Tenang, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

A 5-storey 350,000sqft reinforced concrete building consisting of 1 level of basement plant space and 4 levels of sporting activity and office spaces as part of the 150 acre university development. The building houses a swimming pool and a basketball court. Columns are placed at 8.4m centres in each direction forming the structural grid around which the architectural spaces are formed. Deep boxed steel girders are employed to span the roof of the basketball court over an effective span of 33.6m.

Client: XMU Jiageng Education Development

Consultancy Scope: Full Structural and Civil Engineering

Project Cost: RM70mil.

Project Status: Completed in 2017

Structural Data Sheet

Building height = 36.3 m

Building DL and SDL, G = 531 MN

Building LL, Q = 136 MN

Building base shear, V = No data

Building base moment, M = No data

Building concrete volume #1 = 12,627 m3

Building equi. floor thickness #1 = 0.388 m3/m2

Building steel reinforcement #1 = 1,819 tonnes

Building steel tonnage #1 = 144 kg/m3 | 55.8 kg/m2

Building formwork = 66,071 m2

Building formwork average = 2.0 m2/m2

#1 Note inclusive of pile caps

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