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Penang, Malaysia

A 20m odd span steel trussed bridge structure that spans from the 29-storey to the 34-storey tower at the 18th floor of the Setia Vista2 luxury residential towers development. Critical structural considerations that were objectively (i.e. analytically) assessed included: -

  • Load cases and load combination cases

  • Boundary conditions

  • Summation of total loads or reactions

  • Structural load paths and structural scheme

  • Vertical deflections and lateral support movement

  • Linearized elastic buckling and p-delta analysis

  • (Steel) member axial and bending stresses

  • (Steel) member fatigue susceptibility

  • (Steel) member design utilizations

  • (Steel) member connection design check

  • Vibration check

  • (Steel) truss connection onto base RC structure design check

  • RC corbel and RC deep beam design check

Client: S P Setia

Consultancy Scope: Full Structural Independent Checker and Value Engineering

Project Cost: RM4mil.

Project Status: Completed in 2020

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