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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A 1.8km stretch of three-lane elevated dual-carriage expressway. The design of precast segmented post-tensioned concrete cross heads is almost always dictated by its staged construction sequence, i.e. the sequence of the erection and post-tensioning of the precast segments and the erection of the beam girders and deck prior to the highway in-service live loading. In portalized cross heads, the intermediate structural system during construction, be it a cantilever or a portal, dictates the built-in stresses that the section will have to endure. On this project we provided the main contractor with the alternative designs for the bridge to account for the complex construction and erection sequences expected when building an elevated highway in a highly urbanised area. We also provided alternate value engineered deck designs.

Client: MRCB Builders Sdn Bhd

Consultancy Scope: Alternative Structural Engineering Design

Project Cost: RM370mil.

Project Status: Completed in 2022 

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