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Melbourne, Australia

A condominium development consisting of a 101-storey condominium inclusive of 10 levels of elevated car parking and a 1-storey basement primarily in post-tensioned (PT) concrete flat slab construction. The residential floor plate is a highly optimised structural layout with optimum internal and cantilever spans consisting of a uniform 200mm thick PT concrete flat slab that minimises the self-weight of this 101-storey skyscraper. Tendons are chosen and arranged in an optimum manner to minimise the need for untensioned rebar resulting in a highly economic floor structure that also offers great speed of construction. The effects of differential axial shortening between the high-grade columns and core walls onto the PT flat slabs and the effects of axial restraint to tendon precompression were extensively considered in the rigorous 1-D and 2-D finite element based design of the PT floor slabs to the Australian Code AS3600.

Client: RBG (World Class Land)

Consultancy Scope: PT Floors Detailed Design

Project Cost: A$900mil.

Project Status: Completed in 2020

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